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        Zhejiang Zhongrui Guarantee Co., Ltd(“Zhongrui Guarantee” or “the Company”) was established in November, 2010 as a commercial guarantee firm with the registered capital of 101.03 million RMB. Located in Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and facing the Hang-Jia-Hu Plain on the Yangzi River Delta, the Company provides the local clients with legal guarantee services to increase their credit while financing. Our clients range from hi-tech and new-tech companies with sound reputation and stable operation, to growing small and micro enterprises and even small businessmen to “rural-economy-oriented” entities.

       With its financing guarantee service and other credit products, the Company is cooperating closely with banks, small and micro enterprises and community in an all-round way to achieve the goal of common growing and shared development. It has been in cooperation with Bank of Hangzhou and China Citic Bank, China Zheshang Bank, Yuhang Rural Cooperative Bank, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank and Hangzhou Yuhang Ideal Small Loan Co., Ltd since its incipiency. It has offered more than 2800 clients with the cumulative guaranteed loan of 730 million RMB. In 2015, the Company was scaled Credit Rating AA- and was awarded as “the Most Advanced Financing Guarantee Company in Yuhang Subdistrict”, “the Most Advanced Financing Guarantee Company in Hangzhou City”, “One of the Top Ten Financing Guarantee Company In Zhejiang Province” and “Excellent Financing Guarantee Company with Social Responsibility ”. In 2016, it was awarded as one of the forty Guarantee Companies in China that was certified as “the Fastest Developed Financing Guarantee Company” as well as one of the thirty guarantee companies in China that was certified as “the Excellent Guarantee Companies with Business-Concentration ”. President Shen was also awarded as one of the 100 most Influential Leader in Guarantee Industry in China.

       The Company, by taking a professional and branding approach, endeavors to be among the top guarantee companies in China, providing the local SMEs with credit promoting and financing guarantee services by risk controlling and data collection.

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