Legal Statement
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        Legal Statement
No. 1: Regarding to illegal business conducted by frauds pretending to be employees of the Company
The Company has found out recently that frauds are pretending to be the employees to conduct illegal loaning. As a result, it makes the following statement in the interests of the Company as well as to protect others from further loss in property.
1、The Company is a professional guarantee company approved by relevant authorities and it is and will not be involved in private loan business in anyway.
2、All guarantee services of the Company are carried out with the customer in person and we do not request any service fee in advance.
3. The Company reserves the right to prosecute for such a fraud.

No. 2: Regarding to customers information
We treasure mutual trust while providing services to our customers. The information you submitted on our site will be in safe hands. It will be treated confidentially and we promise that:
1.The information you provided is only used for the prospective services for you.
2.We follow a strict confidentiality policy and prohibit any disclosure except one of the following situations.
1)The disclosure is in your consent in advance.
2)The disclosure is at the request of the laws or regulations.
3)The disclosure is at the requirement of authorities of governments at all levels.
4)The disclosure is in demand of supervision authority of the Company.
3.Any third-party that is permitted to reach your information is requested by the Company to keep it as a secret. We will do our utmost to stick firmly to the confidentiality policy and to maintain the trust bestowed by you.

Zhejiang Zhongrui Guarantee Co., Ltd.
Sep. 20, 2012

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